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Bracket Scaffold Checklist

Version 2, October 2005
1. Has the purpose(s) of the bracket scaffold been clarified?

Bracket scaffolds can be erected to support:

  • Working platforms for fascia and guttering installers, or
  • Access and/or catch platforms for roof workers, or
  • Combination working & access and/or catch platforms.
2. Has the scaffolding supplier been advised of the bracket scaffold's intended use?

The scaffold supplier needs to know the intended purpose of the bracket scaffold, as the installation configurations may be different and the set-up requirements for edge protection may vary.

3. Will bracket scaffolds be erected, altered and dismantled by appropriately certificated scaffolders?

On your site, you must make certain that anyone constructing, or directly supervising workers constructing any bracket scaffold, from which a person or materials could fall more than 4 metres, has a valid WorkSafe certificate of competency appropriate to that type of scaffold. The minimum nationally recognised certificate class is SB: Basic Scaffolding. This also applies to any alterations or dismantling of the bracket scaffold. Insist that the scaffolders show you their certificates and keep a record of their names and certificate numbers.

4. Has the scaffold erector inspected the bracket scaffold?

The scaffold erector should inspect the bracket scaffold after it has been erected or altered and before it is used for the first time to ensure it has been erected correctly and complies with AS/NZS 4576: Guidelines for Scaffolding.

5. Has the scaffold erector supplied a handover certificate for the bracket scaffold?

The scaffold erector should supply the builder with a signed handover certificate for any bracket scaffold from which a person or materials could fall more than 4 metres. The certificate should identify the scaffold, state the Australian Standard to which it complies and confirm that it is safe for use. The handover certificate should be accompanied with all relevant user safety instructions and any specific safety information which the user needs to be aware.

6. Has a regular inspection regime for bracket scaffolds been implemented?

The builder should ensure that bracket scaffolds, while erected, are inspected at least monthly by a competent person, such as a certificated scaffolder. While on site, the builder should confirm that bracket scaffolds remain safe. If a bracket scaffold becomes unsafe, or is no longer suitable for its intended purpose, the builder must ensure that the bracket scaffold is not used until the scaffold has been rectified.

7. Have users of bracket scaffolds been instructed in their safe use?

All workers must use bracket scaffolds safely. They must not overload platforms or store material in a dangerous way where it could be knocked off the scaffold. Clear access should be maintained along the full length of platforms. They should not climb on guardrails to gain extra height. They should not make the scaffold unsafe by unauthorised removal or alteration to scaffold planks, brackets, guardrails or any type of fixing device.

Further information

WorkSafe Victoria
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Standards Australia
AS/NZS 4576: Guidelines for Scaffolding
This Standard can be purchased from Standards Australia by telephoning toll free on 1300 654 646 or on-line at

Note: This guidance material has been prepared using the best information available to WorkSafe Victoria. Any information about legislative obligations or responsibilities included in this material is only applicable to the circumstances described in the material. You should always check the legislation referred to in this material and make your own judgement about what action you may need to take to ensure you have complied with the law. Accordingly, the Victorian WorkCover Authority extends no warranties as to the suitability of the information for your specific circumstances.