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LPG Tanks - Safety Alert

Document Type: Alert
Keycode: web only
Division Author: WorkSafe
Publication Date: 04 April 2007
Date First Published: 04 April 2007
Summary: This alert notes a safety issue in relation to vehicles with LPG tanks fitted with a particular pressure-relief valve called "SIDEK PRX".

WorkSafe Victoria has been made aware of a safety issue in relation to vehicles with LPG tanks fitted with a particular pressure-relief valve called "SIDEK PRX". The SIDEK PRX safety relief valve may not function as intended, and an adverse build up of pressure in the LPG tank/s may not be relieved.  This could result in a rupture of the tank.


SIDEK PRX valves were fitted as part of a tank installation or as part of a cylinder re-test between September 2001 and August 2005. 

If multiple LPG tanks are fitted and the fuel service line to the engine from one tank is closed (so that no fuel is used from that tank and it is maintained as a reserve tank), that tank may gradually overfill and rupture if the pressure-relief valve fails to operate correctly.


*  Motorists who had an LPG tank installation or tanks retested between September 2001 and August 2005—in particular, if two or more tanks have been fitted—are requested to contact an LPG tank installer/fitting station to arrange an inspection and pressure-relief valve replacement if required. 

*  If you have a "Manchester Tank" and you think you may be affected, or if you are unsure, call the Manchester Helpline on 1800 335 383.

*  If you have a tank of a different brand and you think you are affected, or if you are unsure, return to your installer or tester for an inspection.

*  Until you are sure, only fill your tank to half of its normal capacity.

Further information

Note: This material has been prepared using the best information available to WorkSafe Victoria. Any information about legislative obligations or responsibilities included in this material is only applicable to the circumstances described in the material. You should always check the legislation referred to in this material and make your own judgement about what action you may need to take to ensure you have complied with the law. Accordingly, the Victorian WorkCover Authority extends no warranties as to the suitability of the information for your specific circumstances.

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