What is a Designated Work Group DWG?

A DWG is a negotiated and agreed grouping of employees who share similar workplace health and safety concerns and conditions. It may be made up of employees in one or more workplaces operated by a single employer or employees of multiple employers at one or more workplaces.

What is the pupose of a DWG?

A DWG is established to form the ‘electorate’ that may elect HSRs. An HSR is an employee who has been elected by the members of their Designated Work Group (DWG) to represent them on OHS issues.

How do I get a DWG established?

An employee may ask his or her employer to establish a DWG or an employer can initiate the negotiation to establish DWGs. An employer must do everything reasonable to ensure that negotiations start within 14 days of the request.

I have just been elected as a HSR, do I need to let WorkSafe know?

It is optional, but WorkSafe now has a HSR register.

How do I register as a HSR?

You can register as a HSR on the home page.

Who can be a HSR?

A member of the agreed or determined DWG, who was elected by the DWG.

How does a HSR get elected?

The members of the DWG decide on the process. It could be a show of hands or a more formal ballot process.

What is the WorkSafe policy regarding HSRs?

WorkSafe believes the role of HSRs should be encouraged, supported and protected. WorkSafe believes there should be more HSRs, and that the establishment of designated work groups and the election of HSRs should be encouraged. For more information on how WorkSafe supports HSRs, please read WorkSafe's policy position.

Can HSRs access the internet in the workplace?

In an environment where more occupational health and safety (OHS) information is being conveyed electronically (including WorkSafe information), WorkSafe supports HSRs having direct access to a computer and the internet in their workplace to obtain such information. For more information please read WorkSafe's policy position.