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WorkSafe Incentive Scheme for Employers

WorkSafe incentive scheme for employers helps grow businesses by offering employment to people returning to work from a work-related injury.

Date: September 5, 2016
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WorkSafe incentive scheme for employers helps grow businesses by offering employment to people returning to work from a work-related injury. Those who are part of WISE get a financial boost of $26,000 and tailored support to make sure the best person for the business is hired.

WorkSafe Incentive Scheme for Employers

How WISE can help your business grow

If you are looking to recruit new workers for your business, WorkSafe offers a 6 month financial incentive of up to $26,000 to assist people get back to work after a work-related injury or illness.

Most employers are able to take access the WISE incentive simply by offering work of 15 hours or more a week. Labour hire companies, employment agencies or group training organisations that place a worker into a workplace of another employer are not eligible for WISE.

By being part of WISE, you'll get:

  • a financial boost of up to $26,000 to help you meet your costs
  • tailored support to ensure you get the best person for your business
  • WorkSafe Injury Insurance premium protection for your new employee
  • the opportunity to employ someone who is keen to get back to work.


How WISE made good sense for Phil's business

Phil Pietsch walks into his Jag Prestige Spares outlet at Ringwood and is happy to see that Adrian has left the seat module for the 2005 Jag Stype on the pick-up counter for a courier to collect. Good used Jaguar spare parts for later model vehicles are notoriously difficult to find, but he can always rely on Adrian.

Phil found out about WISE and thought, 'let's give it a go'. Adrian suffered a back injury which prevented him from doing his previous job as a windscreen fitter. Since Phil employed Adrian through WISE he's never looked back. Phil received a significant financial incentive to permanently employ Adrian.

Now Adrian is one of his best salesmen, taking orders and building relationships with customers from around the world. Phil says of Adrian, 'He's positive, he's happy, he's always here…and he gets the job done'. Phil said employing Adrian freed him and his business partner up to do other things, like chasing new business.

'The great thing is we could put a smile on Adrian's face… he's now back to being a great worker and we're getting a financial assistance which is fantastic, so it's a win/win situation'.

Finding the right person for your job

You may be contacted by a WISE eligible worker who is work-ready or by an occupational rehabilitation provider who is helping that worker find a new job. You should consider the suitability of the worker as you would any other job applicant. This means you should interview them about their skills, qualifications and experience and decide if they are the right fit for your workplace.

If you decide to offer the worker a job, the occupational rehabilitation provider will visit your workplace and review the job requirements to give you confidence that the worker can safely perform the role. This assessment is provided at no cost to you. They will also help you complete the WISE payment paperwork.

What happens if the worker has another injury?

The worker should contact the WorkSafe Agent for their previous claim - they might decide the injury is related to that claim.

Alternatively, the Agent may ask the worker to lodge a new WorkSafe claim with your WorkSafe Agent. If it is decided that it is a new WorkSafe claim and the injury was sustained in the first 2 years from the commencement of the WISE placement, this will not impact on your WorkSafe Injury Insurance premium . Your WorkSafe Agent can explain what you need to do and what they can do to ensure the claim is not included in your claim experience when your WorkSafe Injury Insurance premium is calculated.

You are still obliged, however, to pay the employer excess on the claim which is the first 10 days of weekly payments and the first $682 of the worker's medical and like expenses (correct as at 1 July 2016 - indexed annually).

Note: For WISE placements that commenced prior to 5 September 2016, the WISE employer premium protection only applies for injuries sustained in the first 12 months of the placement.

Do I have the same employment obligations for a worker with WISE?

Yes. The worker must be employed under the same employment arrangements as any other worker doing the same work.

How is the WISE financial subsidy paid?

You submit a WISE Payment Form to the WorkSafe Agent who manages the worker's claim. You are entitled to three payments from when the job commences.

Payments can be claimed by you on commencement, at week 13 and at week 26 of the worker's employment provided the worker remains employed with you for those periods. All WISE payments are made direct to you. The maximum amount that can be paid for WISE is $26,000. The occupational rehabilitation provider will remain in contact with the worker and you for the first 13 weeks after commencement and help you submit your WISE payment forms.

Payment 1 At job commencement = $2,000

Payment 2 Week 13

Payment 3 Week 26
Each payment = 13 weeks x 45% of the worker's gross earnings capped at $12,000

Further information

For more information on WISE, contact your WorkSafe Agent or the WorkSafe Advisory Service on free call 1800 136 089 or (03) 9641 1444. Alternatively, you can email your questions to or access our website at

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