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Employers: The Claims Process

Follow the steps below to find out what you need to do if your worker has a work-related injury or illness.

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Anyone injured or ill to seek appropriate treatment

If an accident or serious incident has occurred, the most important thing is your worker’s health and getting appropriate treatment. This will depend on the type of injury or illness your worker has.

If there has been a serious incident, notify WorkSafe immediately on 13 23 60

Incidents that cause, or could have caused, serious injury or death, must be reported to WorkSafe immediately on 13 23 60. You must also send a completed Incident Notification Form to WorkSafe within 48 hours. You must keep a copy of the completed form in your records for five years.

Ensure the Register of Injuries is filled out

Any injury or illness should be recorded in your workplace's register of injuries. The injured worker or someone on their behalf should complete the Register of Injuries. 

Keep in contact with your worker if they are away from work

If your worker needs time off work, keep in contact with them while they are away. Explore what your worker can do at work rather than what they can’t and talk to them about it. People generally recover better and faster if they can safely stay at work while they recover.

Start planning for return to work

At the point you know a worker is injured and can't perform their normal duties, it’s important to provide them with return to work information and start planning for return to work.

If your injured worker has visited the doctor, the doctor may call you to discuss options to help the worker return to work as soon as safely possible.

If you have received a claim form from your worker, read about lodging a claim.

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What your worker should be doing

My worker should:

  • Seek appropriate treatment
  • Notify you in writing of their injury or illness
  • Decide whether they wish to make a claim