Construction sites warned to batten down ahead of strong winds

18 August 2016

Strong winds forecast to hit the state later today have prompted a call to builders to ensure their construction sites are appropriately secured.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned that strong winds are expected to hit Victoria’s southwest later this afternoon and then move slowly eastward across the state. Gusts of more than 100km/h are expected in some areas this evening and tomorrow morning.

WorkSafe Construction Program Manager, Dermot Moody, said it was important that builders double-checked their sites before shutting down for the day to ensure all equipment, incomplete structures, unsecured scaffolds and walls were secure.

“Our message to all builders across the state is to make sure you are reinforcing any partially built structures and securing equipment on site now,” Mr Moody said. 

“Roofing sheets and other loose materials must also be secured to prevent them being picked up by the wind and being blown around or out of the site.

“We know strong winds are able to move heavy equipment, so it is important work sites are properly secured so they do not pose a risk to workers and the public.”

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