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Warning devices on powered mobile plant

29 Mar 2018

Guidance for employers, self-employed persons and people who have management and control of a workplace (legal duty holders) about the unsafe work practice of deactivating warning devices on powered mobile plant.

Occupational Diving

27 Oct 2017

This Alert provides guidance about safe occupational diving operations. It has been prepared in response to a number of serious incidents where divers have sustained injuries during occupational diving operations.

Use of glass in workplaces providing early childhood education and care services

30 Jun 2017

Carbon monoxide poisoning and LPG powered floor cleaning equipment

10 May 2017

Carbon monoxide poisoning and LPG powered floor cleaning equipment

Concrete delivery pipeline failures

03 Feb 2017

This alert highlights the risk to employees and other persons from using poorly manufactured concrete delivery pipes and pipeline components.

Safe use of flammable refrigerants

11 Jan 2017

This safety alert concerns Class 2.1 Flammable refrigerant gases and provides guidance to occupiers of premises on how to control the risk of fire and explosion from refrigeration and air-conditioning systems containing flammable refrigerants.

Collapse of floating roof in storage tank

08 Dec 2016

This Alert highlights the risks associated with maintenance work in a confined space, such as a storage tank that has an internal floating roof, and suggests control measures to address these risks.

Equipment on concrete agitator trucks

08 Dec 2016

This alert highlights the risk of injury when storing equipment beneath the rotating mixer drum of concrete agitator trucks.

Overturning of pick and carry cranes

03 Aug 2016

This Alert highlights the risks of overturning pick and carry cranes while traveling with a suspended load. It also provides guidance to duty holders (such as employers and self-employed persons) on managing these risks.

Ceiling hoists and track systems

26 Jul 2016

This alert highlights the risk of using ceiling tracks systems with incompatible fixed or portable ceiling hoists.

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