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Confined Spaces - Compliance Code

NOTE: This Compliance Code has not been updated to reflect changes resulting from the Occupational Health and Safety Amending Regulations 2014 (Vic). An updated Compliance Code will be issued shortly by the Victorian WorkCover Authority (VWA). For further information, contact VWA's Advisory Service on 1800 136 089 or at info@vwa,

Document Type: Compliance Code
Keycode: WCC004/02/03.09 - web only
Industry: General, 
Category: Confined Spaces, 
Current Version: 2.0
Publication Date: 29 April 2009
Date First Published: 18 September 2008
Summary: This compliance code covers the identification of hazards and the control of risks associated with confined spaces in workplaces. It applies to employers and designers and manufacturers of plant that includes a confined space. This compliance code replaces Code of Practice No.20 (1996) Confined Spaces.