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Emergency Management - Developing A Plan For A Small Organisation

  • /wps/wcm/connect/a2358a80414c4ecca9d4afe7a66b9e4e/EMPs.pdf?MOD=AJPERES
    Document Type: Guidance Note
    Keycode: GUI0034/01/02.10
    Industry: Community Services, Food Manufacturing, Health Care Sector, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Basic and fabricated metals manufacturing, Real Estate, Security, Storage and Warehousing, Waste and Recycling, 
    Division Author: Strategic Programs and Support Division
    Current Version: 1.0
    Date First Published: 05 February 2010
    Summary: This information sheet advises small businesses how to prepare a workplace emergency management plan. It includes advice about responsibilities, work environment, fire protection equipment, bushfire danger ratings, chemical safety, first aid and post incident follow-up.