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Forklift Safety Reducing The Risk

  • Forklift Safety Reducing The Risk (PDF 1895kb)
    Document Type: Publication
    Keycode: WSV948/03/03.10
    Industry: Stevedoring, Synthetics manufacturing, 
    Category: Forklifts, Plant, 
    Division Author: Manufacturing & Agriculture
    Publication Date: 11 October 2011
    Date First Published: 21 June 2005
    Summary: This guidance provides information about reducing a range of risks associated with forklift operations, including stability, speed and load handling.

About this publication

"Forklift Safety Reducing The Risk" is a 20 page publication intended for supervisors, managers and forklift operators which explains forklift safety. A medium sized forklift weighs about the same as your average dump truck - and can cause just as much damage and injury. You would place tight controls on a heavy vehicle such as a dump truck travelling around your workplace, and the same must be done for a forklift. Supervisors and managers must be aware of how a forklift is operated, and the serious impact incorrect safety procedures can have on lives, families and businesses. WorkSafe Victoria has a zero tolerance approach to the unsafe use of forklifts - one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment found at Victorian workplaces. To help employers meet their obligations under the OHS Act, WorkSafe together with industry developed guidance material to extend the current state of knowledge on forklift safety.