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Information For Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Plant

  • Information for Manufacturers and Suppliers of Plant (PDF 183kb)
    Document Type: Publication
    Keycode: VWA935/01/05.05
    Industry: General, 
    Category: Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, Plant, 
    Division Author: Executive Office
    Current Version: version 2
    Publication Date: 23 June 2005
    Date First Published: 10 May 2005
    Summary: This publication defines what plant is and explains the duties under the OHS Act 2004 of manufactures and suppliers of plant.

About this publication

Information for Manufacturers and Suppliers of Plant defines plant, who is a manufacturer, who is a supplier and their respective duties under the Occupational Health And Safety (OHS Act) 2004. The 2 page information sheet outlines the duty to manufacture, supply, test and provide information to enable the safe use of plant.