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Managing Safety In Your Workplace

  • Managing Safety In Your Workplace (PDF 2580kb)
    Document Type: Publication
    Keycode: VWA642/02/09.05
    Industry: General, 
    Category: Consultation, Controlling OHS Hazards and Risks, 
    Division Author: Small Business
    Publication Date: 07 October 2005
    Date First Published: 28 August 2003
    Summary: This publication provides a step by step guide, practical tools and checklists to assist workplace safety.

About this publication

"Managing Safety In Your Workplace" is a 24 page step by step guide which features guidance and practical tools eg a safety action plan and checklist to assist workplace safety. Whatever industry you're in, think about safety the same way you think about product development, distribution, marketing, sales targets or any other management issue. Plan for it, invest in it, manage it and regulate it. In short, make safety an intrinsic part of managing your business.