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Medical Practitioner Notification - Asbestos

  • Medical Practitioner Notification - Asbestos (PDF 45kb)
    Document Type: Form
    Keycode: FOR627/03/06.07
    Category: Asbestos, Licensing and Registrations, 
    Publication Date: 23 July 2007
    Date First Published: 11 October 2006
    Summary: This form is intended for licensed asbestos removalists who are required to arrange medical examinations all employees undertaking asbestos removal. Licensed removalists should use this form to notify WorkSafe of the details of medical examiners.

About this form

About the notification
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About the notification 

  • Employers must arrange medical examinations and biological monitoring for workers in asbestos-risk jobs who are exposed to asbestos levels above half the exposure standard on an ongoing basis.
  • Licenced asbestos removalists must have regular medical examinations to monitor their asbestos levels.
  • A registered medical practitioner must be engaged to carry out medical examinations.


  • No fee applies

Where to send the form

WorkSafe Occupational Hygiene unit
GPO Box 4293
Melbourne VIC 3001

Fax: 1800 06 727

Notify WorkSafe 

  • Notify WorkSafe of the medical practitioners' details who will be monitoring asbestos levels in your workers. You must provide these details within 7 days of engaging the medical practitioner.

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