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OHS In Schools - A Practical Guide For School Leaders

  • OHS in schools - A practical guide for school leaders (PDF 5.3MB)
    Document Type: Publication
    Industry: Education Sector, 
    Category: Consultation, Controlling OHS Hazards and Risks, legal obligations, 
    Division Author: Education
    Current Version: 2.0
    Publication Date: 17 April 2015

    Date First Published: 5 September 2008

    Summary: A 19 page handbook that details common safety issues for schools and provides simple and helpful suggestions on how to manage safety within a school setting .

About this publication

This handbook is intended to help people with management responsibility for occupational health and safety (OHS) in schools – such as principals and assistant principals, and leadership team members responsible for budgets, facilities and purchasing – to understand their roles in improving the OHS performance of Victorian schools.

Designed to be a simple and practical guide, it is relevant to all Victorian schools, whether they are government, independent or Catholic. It will also be useful for school-based health and safety representatives (HSRs) who represent staff working in schools.