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Plant Hazard Checklist

  • Plant Hazard Checklist (PDF 198kb)
    Document Type: Publication
    Keycode: VWA556/03/11.05
    Industry: General, 
    Category: Plant, 
    Division Author: Manufacturing & Agriculture
    Current Version: updated to reflect the new OHS Act 2004.
    Publication Date: 28 October 2003
    Date First Published: 28 October 2003
    Summary: This checklist is intended to help identify hazards from plant and equipment.

About this publication

This checklist provides a typical range of questions that can be asked to help with the identification of hazards associated with plant.

It may be used as a starting point, with certain questions added or deleted to make the checklist appropriate to the plant and associated systems of work being examined. If "yes" is the answer to a question in the checklist, the plant, parts of the plant and/or the situation associated with the hazard, should be identified on the checklist

Further information

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