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Preventing Work-related Stress For Health And Safety Representatives (HSRs) In The Private Sector

  • Preventing work-related stress for health and safety representatives (HSRs) in the private sector (PDF 461kb)
    Document Type: Publication
    Keycode: VWA 1235/01/05.09
    Industry: General, 
    Category: Stress, 
    Division Author: Oonagh Barron
    Current Version: 1.0
    Date First Published: 01 July 2009
    Summary: Work-related stress is a health and safety hazard that can have negative effects on you, your designated work group and the organisation you work in. Preventing work-related stress can benefit individuals and the workplace by creating a safe and healthy working environment.

About this publication

This document provides information for HSRs to increase:

  • awareness and understanding of work-related stress and its causes
  • knowledge on how to eliminate or reduce work-related stress risks.

There are three information sheets in this series, one for employers (and all workplace parties), one for HSRs and one for employees.