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Quad Bikes - Operators Wearing Helmets

  • /wps/wcm/connect/71dabd004071f089abc0ffe1fb554c40/HSS0030+-+Quad+bikes+-+Operators+wearing+helmets.pdf?MOD=AJPERES
    Document Type: Health and Safety Solution
    Keycode: HSS0030/02/08.09
    Industry: Farming, 
    Category: Controlling OHS Hazards and Risks, 
    Division Author: Strategic Programs & Support
    Current Version: 2.0
    Publication Date: 16 October 2008
    Date First Published: 16 October 2008
    Summary: This document provides a solution for reducing the risk of quad bikes operators suffering head injuries from falling off vehicles.

Further information

WorkSafe notes the findings of John Olle Coroner dated 17 April 2009; WorkSafe has determined that it is appropriate to amend its publications to refer to "Quad bikes" rather than ATV`s or "All Terrain Vehicles."