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Supporting Health And Safety Representative Access To Health And Safety Information Via The Internet

  • Supporting Health and Safety Representative access to health and safety information via the internet (PDF 187kb)
    Document Type: Publication
    Industry: Cleaning, Community Services, Construction, Education Sector, Food Manufacturing, Foundries, Health Care Sector, Major Hazard Facilities, Manufacturing, Basic and fabricated metals manufacturing, Printing, Quarries, Storage and Warehousing, Textile Manufacturing, Waste and Recycling, 
    Category: Consultation, 
    Division Author: Support & Education Division
    Current Version: 1.0
    Date First Published: 17 June 2009
    Summary: In light of more information being distributed electronically - including WorkSafe's information and guidance material - a policy position on enhancing HSR access to the internet in workplaces where computers and internet connections exist, has been developed, building on this existing guidance relating to s69(1) in Employee Representation: a comprehensive guide to Part 7 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.