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Working Safely In Visiting Health Services

  • Working Safely in Visiting Health Services (PDF 727kb)
    Document Type: Publication
    Keycode: WSV1014/02/03.10
    Industry: Community Services, Health Care Sector, 
    Category: Controlling OHS Hazards and Risks, Manual Handling, Working Alone, 
    Division Author: Public Sector & Community Services
    Publication Date: 02 August 2006
    Date First Published: 02 August 2006
    Summary: This publication provides guidance information about managing health and safety in visiting health services. It covers general OHS management, occupational violence, manual handling and other sources of musculo-skeletal disorders.

About this publication

Working Safely in Visiting Health Services is a 40 page publication developed for: public and private hospitals; locums within medical practices; nursing and convalescent homes; welfare and charitable homes; paramedical services (therapists and allied health workers); and community health centres. Healthcare services that provide assessment and treatment in clientsÂ' homes and other community settings are referred to as visiting health services. These services are delivered in a variety of locations, including private homes, rooming or boarding houses, supported accommodation residential services, crisis accommodation, community residential units, and hotels. The publication covers health and safety basics, with a focus on occupational violence and manual handling. It includes guidance and compliance examples for the industry, along with practical checklists and resources.

Further information

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