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Allied health

Allied healthcare services make a significant contribution to improving health and return to work outcomes for injured workers. 

WorkSafe can pay the reasonable costs of healthcare services up to a maximum amount as detailed in the relevant fee schedule. The links below outline the fee schedules and policies specific to your profession.



Behavioural health

Certificate of capacity



Disability services

Exercise physiology

Gym and swimming programs


Network Pain Management


Occupational therapy







Remedial massage

Social work

Speech pathology

Prior approval

Some services that an injured worker may need will require prior approval from their WorkSafe Agent.

Registering with WorkSafe

Allied health and other service providers who wish to provide services to workers must register with WorkSafe.


Injured workers seeking treatment for a work-related injury or illness are able to choose their own healthcare provider. However, you must be registered with WorkSafe to receive payment.

More information is available in the following publication:

Additional requirements apply when invoicing for pharmacy items.

Electronic invoicing

Some allied health and other service providers can lodge invoices with WorkSafe Agents via HICAPS terminals.

This service is for lodging invoices only, and will use existing HICAPS item numbers for initial and standard consultations. The method of payment for healthcare services will not change.

Billing review program

WorkSafe has a billing review program which checks that payments for services provided to injured workers are reasonable and appropriate.

Return to work

Return to work is a crucial part of an injured worker's recovery and rehabilitation. By assisting an injured worker to safely stay at work or return to work early, you can minimise the impact of the injury on the worker's life and increase the likelihood of a full recovery.

Further information can be found in the returning to work section of this website.

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