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Employer excess

When a worker is injured at work and the WorkSafe Agent accepts the claim, their employer is required to pay a medical excess (indexed annually), for reasonable medical and related expenses.

Once this excess has been reached, a GP can invoice WorkSafe for consults with an injured worker.

Employers can avoid this medical excess if they select the 'excess buyout' option when renewing or initially taking out their WorkCover Insurance. See Insurance premium calculations for more information.


WorkSafe Victoria can pay the reasonable costs of medical services provided by a medical practitioner to an injured worker.

To ensure invoices can be processed promptly GPs are encouraged to adhere to WorkSafe's published guidelines.

All invoices should include information about the injured worker, your details and the service you provided. This will assist in the prompt processing of invoices. 

When providing a health service to an injured worker, please ensure that the worker has an accepted workers' compensation claim.