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Independent Medical Examiners

WorkSafe are currently not recruiting any new or additional independent medical examiners. WorkSafe approves practitioners as IMEs on a needs basis.

WorkSafe will undertake recruitment activities for new IMEs when a need for IME services has been identified, either with respect to a particular field of practice and/ or a geographic location.

WorkSafe will publish details of IME recruitment activities on this page as needs arise. Please check this website for future updates or contact us via email:

Independent Medical Examiners (IMEs) are healthcare professionals approved by WorkSafe who conduct independent medical examinations, the findings of which are used in decisions related to WorkSafe claims.

Independent Medical Examiners play a critical role in ensuring that Victoria's workers' compensation scheme provides the right treatments and benefits to injured workers.


WorkSafe can pay the reasonable costs of your services as detailed in the relevant fee schedule.

Becoming an Independent Medical Examiner

Applicants must have at least five years of clinical experience in their area of speciality and be currently working at least eight hours of clinical practice each week. Experience in working with compensable clients is an advantage.

Selection criteria

Applicants must meet the mandatory selection criteria before being considered for approval to conduct independent medical examinations. Highly desirable criteria will also be taken into consideration.

Application forms


An Independent Medical Examiner must be approved under section 112 of the Accident Compensation Act 1985 and will be required to sign the Independent Medical Examiners declaration. The declaration applies terms, conditions and standards including participating in peer reviews for quality assurance purposes.

The IME manual

The links below outline the contents of WorkSafe's IME manual.

Contacting WorkSafe

If you are an approved IME it is important that WorkSafe has your current contact details. If you need to update these details or have any general questions about your IME Declaration, the role of IMEs or any other feedback, please contact the IME Services Team:

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