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Information for occupational rehabilitation providers

Service schedule and fees

WorkSafe Victoria will only pay occupational rehabilitation services approved by the WorkSafe Agent and provided directly to the worker.

All occupational rehabilitation services are paid at a fixed fee, or at an hourly rate negotiated between the WorkSafe Agent and the provider.

Nationally Consistent Approval Framework For Workplace Rehabilitation Providers

The 2016–2019 application process for either a new applicant or renewal as a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider under the Nationally Consistent Approval Framework is now closed. For more information please refer to: Guide: Nationally Consistent Approval Framework for Workplace Rehabilitation Providers.

Return to Work Toolkit

Occupational rehabilitation providers have a role in providing workers and employers with information and advice relevant to facilitating a return to work outcome. Occupational rehabilitation providers may wish to refer employers to information in the Return to Work Toolkit.

Further information

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