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Psychology and e-therapy Policy

Psychology services make a significant contribution to improving health and return to work outcomes for injured workers.

This page is designed to provide a summary of information, resources and publications relevant to psychologists.

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Allied Health review programs

WorkSafe Victoria can pay the reasonable costs of medical and allied health services required by injured workers as a result of their work-related injury or illness.

WorkSafe conducts regular reviews of the services provided to injured workers to ensure:

  • they are clinically justified
  • they support the injured worker's return to work and health outcomes, and
  • that payments made are reasonable and appropriate.

E-therapy services

The Australian Government's mindhealthconnect website provides up to date information and resources to assist with mental health issues. The site provides a list of endorsed online e-therapy services as well as other information about anxiety, stress and depression.

E-therapy programs are generally free web-based support programs where people can access information and counselling, and undertake cognitive behavioural therapy modules to assist them in managing persistent pain or mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

WorkSafe can reimburse the reasonable costs of e-therapy services where:

  • there is a cost associated with accessing the service, and
  • the e-therapy program is registered as a content partner with the mindhealthconnect website and;
  • the client has been referred by a medical practitioner or psychologist.

For more information refer to the WorkSafe factsheet e-therapy - online mental health and persistent pain resources.

WorkSafe Clinical Panel

The WorkSafe Clinical Panel conducts clinical reviews in line with the Clinical Framework for the Delivery of Health Services. These reviews aim to ensure services provided to injured workers are clinically justified and improve return to work and health outcomes.

Billing review program

WorkSafe's billing review program checks that payments for services provided to injured workers are reasonable and appropriate. For more information about WorkSafe's billing review program view the information sheet Billing review program - Information for allied healthcare professionals.


Forms and Publications

Clinical resources

The Clinical Resources page provides information and resources considered useful to clinical practice including information regarding the Clinical Framework for the Delivery of Health Service.