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Recording an injury

A report of a work-related injury or illness must be recorded in the Register of Injuries, which must be kept at every workplace. 

Written notice of an injury may also be provided in other forms.

Register of Injuries

The Register of Injuries can be a diary, exercise book or electronic file where all the information is recorded. It should be completed by the injured worker or by someone on their behalf. 

The WIRC Act defines workplace particulars in relation to a record of an injury to a worker entered in the register of injuries to mean the following:

  1. the name of the worker;
  2. the worker's occupation or job title;
  3. the time and date of the injury;
  4. the worker's exact location at the time of the injury;
  5. the names of witnesses, if any, to the injury;
  6. the date on which the entry in the register of injuries is made;
  7. the name of the person making the entry.

You can view an example Register of Injuries template.

Worker's injury claim form

Where a claim is of a confidential nature, such as a stress-related condition, and sufficient information is included on the Worker's Injury Claim Form, the claim form will be accepted as the Register of Injuries.

Written notice

Written notice of an injury can be given in another form, as long as it contains the information that would normally be included in the Register of Injuries.