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Bring a claim for damages

If you have a work-related injury or illness, you may have the right to sue your employer for damages. You should seek legal advice if you wish to do this.

To be entitled to bring proceedings for damages in court, your injury must be found to be 'serious', as defined by Victorian workers compensation legislation .

Before any court proceedings can commence you and your legal practitioner will need to complete and submit a serious injury application to VWA, so it can determine the seriousness of your injury.

The Ministerial Directions outline the practical steps of what you need to do if you want to apply for serious injury or make a claim for damages.

If an injury is serious

If an injury is found to be serious, a number of steps must be taken including the making of a statutory offer and statutory counter offer, before court proceedings for damages can commence.

Legal cost orders

Legal costs may be paid to a worker's legal practitioner in relation to these claims, on behalf of VWA. VWA's legal costs orders outline these costs.