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Self InsuranceA self-insurer is an employer approved by VWA to manage its own workers' compensation claims and have full responsibility for meeting its claims liabilities.

Role of self-insurance

The role of self-insurance in Victoria is to provide eligible employers the option of managing and bearing the costs and risks of their own claims. Just like insurance through a VWA Agent, self-insurance:

  • Provides direct incentives to improve injury prevention and rehabilitation performance
  • Ensures that workers are treated fairly and equitably
  • Contributes to continuous improvement in health and safety and return to work performance


There are two main eligibility requirements to be a self-insurer:

  • You must be a body corporate, and not a subsidiary of another body corporate
  • You must satisfy minimum requirements regarding financial strength and viability and demonstrate that you are, and would be, capable of meeting your claims liabilities

Applying for self-insurance

Once your business has been declared eligible to apply, you must submit a full application as a self-insurer. Further details and forms for becoming a self-insurer can be found in:

An application will be approved if you are assessed by VWA as being 'fit and proper' to be a self-insurer based on:

  • Your financial strength and viability
  • Your resources to administer claims
  • Your incidence of injuries and claims costs
  • Health and safety
  • Compliance with Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013, Ministerial Orders, any terms and conditions of approval and any other subordinate instrument under the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013.
  • Any other matters VWA thinks fit


Initial approval to self-insure is given for a period of three years.


To continue as a self-insurer you must apply for renewal of approval 8 months before end of the current period of approval. Renewal applications are assessed in a similar way to the initial application.

Renewal of approval of a self-insurer has effect for a period of four years. In certain circumstances VWA will use it's discretion to allow the approval to last for six years.

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