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Apply for WorkCover Insurance

If you are unsure whether or not you need WorkCover insurance see the Do I need insurance? page for an explanation of who is required to register for WorkCover insurance. Alternatively you can contact a WorkCover agent.

Please note:

  • If you are an individual and running a business as a sole trader or sole proprietor, as a partner in a partnership,or as the trustee of a trust you are not recognised as a worker of your own business for WorkCover insurance. This means that you cannot register for WorkCover insurance to cover yourself.  You can only register for WorkCover insurance if you have workers working for your business
  • The online application form does not provide a quotation on the cost of WorkCover insurance premiums. Premium will be calculated once the WorkCover Agent completes the registration process

How can I register?

You can register for WorkCover insurance in two ways; either online or via a printable form. If you require assistance at any time contact a WorkCover agent. If you are a labour hire employer contact a WorkCover agent before commencing your application online.

Apply Online – New or Existing Application

  • Submit online for immediate coverage
  • Partially complete your application online and return to complete it later
  • Upload copies of supporting documents
  • A statement of your submitted online application is provided for your records

If you do not want to make your application online

How can I check the progress of an application?

For online applications you can check the status of a completed application for up to 60 days after submission or by contacting your chosen WorkCover agent.

Online application – Progress check

For manually submitted paper form applications contact your chosen WorkCover agent to check the progress of your application.

When should I apply

Your application for a WorkCover insurance policy must be received within 60 days of the date you meet the criteria of requiring register.

Do I need a cover note?

If you have not lodged an application within the 30 days, you can obtain a cover note by contacting your chosen WorkCover agent. Once you have a cover note, you must make a complete a full application prior to its expiry.

The cost of WorkCover insurance

The nature of the calculation of WorkCover Insurance in Victoria means that there will be no difference in the cost of WorkCover Insurance from one agent to the next. Given this, and the legal requirement for employers to register for WorkCover Insurance in Victoria if they meet the threshold established by the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act, Agents will not provide quotes on the possible cost of WorkCover Insurance.

You will be provided a Premium Notice based on the information you provide on registration. If you disagree with the calculation of your insurance premium then you have the right to request a review. More information on requesting a Premium Review is available from the Premium Review page.

Managing your WorkCover insurance

Once your registration has been finalised you will be provided a user name and password to access Online employer services. Online employer services allows you to manage you registration and meet your maintenance obligations online.

Information on managing your registration can be found at Manage your WorkCover insurance.