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Do I need insurance?

If you expect to pay more than $7,500 a financial year in rateable remuneration, or if you have any apprentices or trainees, you must take out WorkCover insurance. This applies even if you are a small company with only one worker.

If you are not required to register, and one of your workers makes a claim for compensation, you must report the claim to the VWA.

Sole traders and partnerships

If you are an individual and running a business as a sole trader or sole proprietor, as a partner in a partnership, or as the trustee of a trust you are not recognised as a worker of your own business for WorkCover insurance. This means that you cannot register for WorkCover insurance to cover yourself. You can only register for WorkCover insurance if you have workers working for your business.

If you are hired as a worker by someone else, that person may need to take out WorkCover insurance to cover you.

If you are, or you become an employer and you are paying, or expect to pay, your workers over $7,500 in the financial year then you must register for WorkCover insurance to cover them.


A company must take out WorkCover insurance if they pay more than $7,500 a year in rateable remuneration. Directors and employees of proprietary limited companies (even if you are a director of your own company) who receive wages are covered by WorkCover insurance. This includes instances where the company is a trustee.


Trustees can be in the unique situation where they are the employer of different businesses being run by different trusts. Trustees may register for WorkCover insurance for each independent business they run under trusts.

Further information


If you fail to register for WorkCover insurance and one of your workers suffers an injury at work, the VWA may still pay compensation. However, the cost of compensation provided to your worker will be recovered from you and you may also face a significant fine. The penalties are outlined in VWA's premium rulings.

If you have information about an employer you suspect is not meeting their insurance obligations, please email