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Manage your WorkCover insurance

The Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013 requires employers to register for WorkCover insurance when they meet the registration requirements and to maintain their registration in a number of ways. If the employer changes the activity the business undertakes, commences operations at a new workplace or closes a workplace they must inform their agent of the change. Employers are also required to provide an estimate of their rateable remuneration at the start of a new financial year and certify it at the end of the financial year so their WorkCover insurance premium can be calculated correctly.

Update your contact information

During the course of the year there are a number of important documents that VWA and your WorkCover agent send you in relation to the maintenance of your WorkCover insurance and the premium for it. To ensure you receive this information your WorkCover agent should always have your current contact information, including the postal address for your business.

To inform your WorkCover agent of a change to your contact information and postal address:

View your correspondence online

Current and past correspondence that VWA and your WorkCover Agent send you relating to your WorkCover premium, including your invoices and premium calculation information, is available electronically online via Online employer services.

To access and view your correspondence online:

Update your rateable remuneration

Each year you are required to provide your WorkCover agent with the final, or 'certified' rateable remuneration for your business for the financial year that has most recently ended. Additionally you are required to review the VWA's estimate of your rateable remuneration for the current year and provide your own if you do not agree with it. These are the most essential tasks required to ensure you pay the correct premium for your WorkCover insurance.

Online employer services allows you to update your rateable remuneration information at any time. To update your remuneration information:

Adding a workplace to your existing registration

If you commence operations from a new workplace that workplace has to be added to your insurance registration. When your WorkCover agent adds the workplace to your policy they will assign a classification to it based on your predominant activity there and also record an estimate of your rateable remuneration for your workers who are based there. To set up the new workplace on your registration you are required to provide your WorkCover agent with this activity and remuneration information.

To add a new workplace to your existing insurance registration, you will need to complete the following form:

Complete and send the form to your WorkCover agent within 14 days of becoming the occupier of the workplace you wish to add to your insurance.

Ceasing a workplace from your existing registration

If you cease to operate from a workplace you are required to inform your WorkCover agent so it can be removed from your insurance and your premium calculation from the date you no longer have any workers based there. As part of ceasing a workplace on your insurance your agent needs to know if you are transferring the activity you undertake at the workplace to another location so they can correctly manage any claims from that workplace to the appropriate location.

To cease a workplace on your existing insurance complete the relevant section on your Declaration of Rateable Remuneration form or contact your WorkCover agent.

Cease to employ

If your business ceases to employ then you may no longer need WorkCover insurance and you will be required to cancel your registration. If you no longer employ you should contact your WorkCover agent to obtain the Certified Rateable Remuneration form that will allow you to properly wind up your insurance and obtain a refund of any overpaid premium. To contact your WorkCover agent:

Changing your WorkCover Agent

Information on when you can change WorkCover Agents can be found on the Changing WorkCover Agents page.

Other Insurance Issues

For any other issues relating to WorkCover insurance or the management of your WorkCover insurance your first point of contact should be your WorkCover agent. To contact your WorkCover agent:

  • Contact your WorkCover agent via the Notify agent function in Online employer services
  • Contact your WorkCover agent via telephone, fax or email.