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Your WorkCover insurance obligations

You are required to:

  • If you expect to  pay more than $7,500 a year in rateable remuneration, or if you have any apprentices or trainees, you must register for WorkCover insurance. This applies even if you are a small company with only one worker.
  • If you employ apprentices or trainees, you must register for WorkCover insurance regardless of your annual payroll.


As part of being registered for WorkCover Insurance you have obligations to:

  • Notify your WorkCover Agent of workplace or business activity changes (these changes can affect your classification and premium).
  • Notify your WorkCover Agent if the address of your workplace changes or if you change your legal business operating name.
  • Notify your WorkCover Agent if the contact person for your insurance changes.
  • Notify your WorkCover Agent if you begin employing at a new workplace, cease to employ at a current workplace or cease to employ and no longer require insurance.
  • Check your annual estimate of remuneration (and, if you have any claims, your claims statement) sent to you by your WorkCover Agent that is used in the calculation of your premium each year.
  • Notify your WorkCover Agent within 28 days if your remuneration increases or is likely to increase by 20%  or more, above the most recent estimate of remuneration for the financial year.
  • Certify your remuneration at the end of each financial year by the due date.
  • Pay your premium by the due date shown on your invoice.

Meeting your obligations and managing your insurance

All employers registered for WorkCover insurance are provided with a user name and password to access Online Employer Services. Online Employer Services allows you to manage your insurance and meet your obligations online.

More information on managing your obligations can be found at Manage Your WorkCover Insurance.


If you fail to register for WorkCover insurance, and one of your workers suffers an injury at work, the VWA may still pay compensation. However, the cost of compensation provided to your worker may be recovered from you and you may also face a significant fine. The penalties are outlined in the VWA's premium rulings and guidelines.

Penalties may also apply if you underestimate your rateable remuneration.

If you have information about an employer you suspect is not meeting their insurance obligations, please email