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Private investigation services

The Compliance Branch Private Investigations Management Unit (PIMU) is responsible for overseeing the conduct of investigations provided by WorkSafe registered providers whether in claims management or litigated claims. Operational day to day management of investigations is the responsibility of Authorised Agents and/or Legal Panel firms.

Code of Practice for Private Investigators

Private Investigation firms and all employees or sub contractors conducting investigations on behalf of the WorkSafe must comply with the Code of Practice for Private Investigators.

The Code defines the standards that have to be accepted and adhered to by registered investigators before they are eligible to perform WorkSafe work.

The key features of the Code are:

  • updated registration criteria, including licensing and insurance provisions
  • clear obligations when investigators accept work, including diligence and disclosure
  • clear obligations when investigators conduct an investigation, including privacy, reputation, personnel, information management, identification, inducements
  • a fair and transparent mechanism for handling investigator complaints.

WorkSafe Authorised Agents and Legal Panel firms may use any WorkSafe registered provider. Breaches of the Code could result in WorkSafe deregistration as well as possible referral to the Victoria Police Licensing Services Division, who is the regulator of private investigators.