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Occupational Health & Safety

WorkSafe's compliance and enforcement activities are designed to be constructive, accountable, transparent and effective, and its enforcement actions aim to be targeted, proportionate, consistent and fair.

WorkSafe's enforcement activities aim to:

  • deter non-compliance with Victoria's health and safety laws to prevent workplace and work-related deaths, injuries, and disease
  • promote the highest level of protection to persons against risk to their health and safety that is reasonably practicable through good OHS values and practices and, where relevant, organisational rehabilitation
  • encourage compliance and to support Victoria's accident compensation system.

Investigations and prosecutions by WorkSafe may be commenced whether or not a breach has resulted in death, injury or disease.

Key enforcement activities include:

  • managing WorkSafe's state-wide, 24 hour emergency response service
  • investigating incidents and alleged offences under the acts and regulations it administers
  • conducting prosecutions of offences under Victoria's health and safety laws and compensation laws
  • conducting litigation and appeals arising from inspector and administrative decisions.

WorkSafe directs considerable resources to workplaces and industries with a high incidence or risk of injury or disease. This is fundamental to achieving safer workplaces.

Compliance and Enforcement Policy

WorkSafe's Compliance and Enforcement Policy details what considerations apply to WorkSafe's enforcement and prosecution activities and how WorkSafe applies its 'constructive compliance strategy'. A Summary of WorkSafe's Compliance and Enforcement Policy is also available.

WorkSafe's General Prosecution Guidelines provide information about prosecution of offences under Victoria's health and safety and compensation laws.

For more information about these documents, please click here.

Laws and regulations

WorkSafe administers a number of acts and regulations in Victoria.


WorkSafe is responsible for prosecuting breaches of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, the Accident Compensation Act 1985, the Dangerous Goods Act 1985, the Equipment (Public Safety Act) 1994, Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013, and the regulations made under each Act.

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More information

For supplementary compliance and enforcement policies and documents, please click here.

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