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Enforcement policies and documents

The following documents provide more information on WorkSafe's compliance and enforcement activities.

Compliance and enforcement policy

WorkSafe compliance and enforcement policy [PDF; 580.7kB]

This document incorporates WorkSafe's general prosecution guidelines. It details what considerations apply to WorkSafe's enforcement and prosecution activities and how WorkSafe applies its 'constructive compliance strategy'.

General prosecution guidelines [PDF; 300.4kB]

This document updated in March 2017, outlines WorkSafe's general prosecution guidelines (and includes WorkSafe's enforcement criteria).

Summary of the WorkSafe compliance and enforcement policy [PDF; 130.8kB]

A summary of WorkSafe's compliance and enforcement policy and general prosecution guidelines.

Supplementary enforcement policies

Criminal Justice Diversion Program

An outline of WorkSafe's approach to the Criminal Justice Diversion Program [PDF; 234.0kB]

Enforceable group: Victims and persons adversely affected by crime policy

A policy about how WorkSafe Victoria expects its employees and subcontractors to treat victims and persons adversely affected by crime. [PDF, 260.7kB]

Enforceable undertakings

An outline of WorkSafe's approach to enforceable undertakings. [PDF; 465.1kB]

Letters of Caution

Details the WorkSafe's approach to issuing and using Letters of Caution.

Download the Letters of Caution [PDF; 407.4kB]

Letters of Warning

An outline of WorkSafe's approach to Letters of Warning.

Download the Policy on Letters of Warning [PDF; 306.4kB]

Prosecution outcomes

Details the WorkSafe's approach to the publication of prosecution outcomes.

Download the Policy on Publishing Prosecution Outcomes [PDF; 425.6kB]


Details how a subpoena should be issued to WorkSafe in relation to occupational health and safety matters.

Subpoena information sheet [PDF; 404.9kB]

Memoranda of Understanding (MOU)

Victoria's compensation and health and safety laws include a number of Acts of Parliament which WorkSafe administers. This can interact and overlap with the jurisdiction of other Government agencies, with some industries and organisations covered by more than one regulator.

To promote a co-operative approach, WorkSafe has developed Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with a number of these regulatory agencies. Each Memorandum establishes protocols to deal with cross-jurisdictional issues and aims to remove duplication of requirements for stakeholders.

WorkSafe has Memoranda of Understanding with the following agencies: