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Eye Q Constructions Pty Ltd (ACN: 139 601 488)

The accused pleaded guilty to one charge pursuant to section 23(1) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 in that it failed to ensure persons other than its employees were not exposed to risks to their health or safety arising from the conduct of its undertaking as an employer.

The accused is a construction company which was building residential townhouses in Highett. It had engaged a bricklayer to undertake brickwork at the construction site. On 11 May 2012 a free-standing single skin brick wall was built along the eastern perimeter of the concrete slab of the townhouse.

The wall was braced in a westerly direction back to the subfloor of the townhouse, but there was no temporary bracing or support on the eastern side. On 13 May 2012, the wall collapsed against the side of a bungalow in an adjoining property. On 4 June 2014 the accused was convicted and fined $40,000, with costs of $4,750. (Moorabbin Justice Centre).

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