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Choose an OR provider

If your WorkSafe Agent approves OR services to help you return to work, they will offer you the choice of at least three WorkSafe approved providers (where available). Providers on this list are included based on the type of occupational rehabilitation service required, your injury and where you live or where your workplace is located. In some instances it will not be possible to provide a list of three providers. 

You will have 14 days to make a decision about which one to use. If you don't choose your prefer provider, your WorkSafe Agent will choose an OR provider on your behalf. If you have any queries or concerns regarding the list of providers, please contact your agent to discuss.  

Locations and contact details for approved providers can be viewed using the directory below.

The directory allows you to search by  OR service, name of provider, suburb and post code. The results will contain the nearest Occupational Rehabilitation provider to that suburb as well as map indicating where the office is located.