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Getting Return to Work Assistance - Occupational Rehabilitation

What is Occupational Rehabilitation?

Occupational Rehabilitation (OR) providers support injured workers to return safely to employment. Occupational Rehabilitation providers are qualified experts in return to work and are independent from all parties. They will work with you, your injured worker and their doctor to help your injured worker to remain at work, or return to safe work as soon as possible. 

They cannot meet your return to work obligations as an employer, however will support you in assisting your injured worker back to safe work.

What will the Occupational Rehabilitation (OR) provider do to support you?

The OR provider will:

  • help with the coordination and communication of all parties
  • help employers to navigate the return to work and claim process
  • liaise with treating medical practitioners
  • assess the workplace, and identify suitable duties that are safe for the injury
  • assist in drafting return to work plans and proposals
  • identify and overcome any barriers to return to work
  • facilitate upgrades in hours and work duties and monitor return to work progress.

How do Occupational Rehabilitation providers get appointed to claims?

The WorkSafe Agent managing the claim is responsible for approving Occupational Rehabilitation services. Once a service is approved, the Agent will provide the injured worker with a list of three Occupational Rehabilitation providers (where available), from which the worker can choose.

If you feel that your injured worker would benefit from the return to work support offered by an Occupational Rehabilitation provider, you should contact the WorkSafe Agent responsible for managing your worker's claim.