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Return to Work Coordinators

A Return to Work Coordinator is the key person in the workplace that assists injured workers to remain at or return to work as soon as safely possible after injury. They also assist their employer meet their return to work obligations under the Victorian Workers Compensation Legislation


The responsibilities of a Return to Work Coordinator are to:

  • Assist injured workers to remain at or return to work while they recover from a work-related injury.
  • Plan the worker's return to work if they require time away from work to recover and make decisions to progress their return.
  • Consult with the injured worker, their treating health practitioner, occupational rehabilitation provider, WorkSafe Agent and the worker's representative, if the worker has one.
  • Monitor the progress of an injured worker's recovery.
  • Take steps to prevent a recurrence or aggravation of the injury.
  • Act as a point of contact for a WorkSafe Return to Work Inspector.
  • Help resolve any issues or disputes related to return to work.

Further information

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Additional information is available on the website to help Return to Work Coordinators:


Return to work advice

The following videos outline the experiences of, and advice from, people that have been involved in successful return to work.

The certificate shown in this video was updated on 1 July 2014. Please refer to the Certificate of Capacity page for more information.