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Cranes and Lifting Equipment

Cranes and lifting equipment are vital tools for industry – lifting and moving loads and personnel. Some cranes repetitively lift many tonnes of materials ranging from just a few metres up to several hundred metres, while others are used to carry and move products around the workplace.

Given the size of cranes and lifting equipment, and their loads, the consequences of their improper use can be devastating – resulting in deaths and severe injuries to workers and the general public.

It is essential to select the proper crane or lifting equipment for the task, ensure the plant is properly maintained and that operators have the skills and training to operate it safely.

Bridge and gantry cranes

WorkSafe has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the risks associated with the use of bridge and gantry cranes – and how to eliminate or reduce those risks.

Working safely with bridge and gantry cranes has been designed to illustrate a variety of issues relating to the cranes, detailing which practices are not acceptable – and which are the best risk control solutions to put in place.

A poster can be used to remind workplaces to carry out inspections of cranes, slings and accessories and a Health and Safety Solution gives easy to understand information on keeping inspection and maintenance records.