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Applying for a licence

Your current licence(s) will remain valid until the expiry date that appears on your licence card or document. You do not need to renew your licence as a result of the new regulations being introduced.

When you come to renewing your licence, you need to be aware that there are some changes to this process for some licences.

The following three licences will now only be processed at Australia Post (see below):

  • licence to drive a vehicle transporting explosives
  • licence to use blasting explosives
  • licence to use fireworks.

All other licences will continue to be processed through WorkSafe. Obtain an application form by calling WorkSafe on (03) 9641 1444 or freecall 1800 136 089.

Processing forms through Australia Post

If you would like to apply for or renew one of the licences that needs to be processed through Australia Post you need to following the below steps:

Obtain an application form by:

Lodge the form in person at one of the participating Australia Post office outlets. To locate your nearest participating outlets call 13 13 18 or visit Please note that some outlets may require an appointment.

When lodging your application, you must take the following with you:

  1. Original Application for an Explosives Licence. NB: Do not sign your application until you lodge it as your signature must be witnessed by the Australia Post Officer at the time of lodgement.
  2. Completed Application to Conduct National Police Check and ASIO Security Assessment. As WorkSafe has already conducted an ASIO check on your behalf (this is a once-only requirement), you only need to consent to a National Police Check every time you make an application.
  3. Original proof of identity documents totalling 100 points or more. Please refer to Proof of Identity in section L of the application form for a list of accepted documents and their point value.
  4. A passport-size and good quality photo of yourself.
  5. Competency Evidence as per Part G of the application form.
  6. Additional documents and evidence of experience or competency as per section four of the application form.
  7. Licence payment as per section one of the application form.

Any person who can witness a Statutory Declaration can certify documents (this includes medical practitioners, pharmacists and police officers).

All documentation must be less than six months old on the date you lodge the application.