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The Pyrotechnicians Licence authorises a person to use fireworks. The new regulations no longer recognise the previous licences that allowed the discharge of Chinese firecrackers and theatrical fireworks on a single occasion.

There is a change to the requirement to notify of intended fireworks display – the seven day notification requirement is now extended to indoor/theatrical displays. The requirement continues to be to notify WorkSafe, the relevant fire authority, and local council. However, please check with your council about any additional requirements about the notification period.

As with the previous regulations pyrotechnicians can temporarily store fireworks. However, fireworks can only be stored for seven days – in line with the notification period. The temporary storage must also meet the requirements for medium-scale storage (although a medium-scale storage licence is not required). The location of the temporary storage must be specified in the 'Notification of Intention to discharge Fireworks' form.