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Manufacturing explosives

The Licence to Manufacture Explosives consolidates four previous licences:

  • Licence to manufacture explosives at a factory
  • Licence to manufacture explosives with a mobile manufacturing unit (MMU)
  • Licence to manufacture an explosive mixture at a central mixing point or other place at point of application or use
  • Licence to fill or cap safety cartridges at a place other than a factory

If you hold one of these licences issued prior to 26 June 2011, you continue to operate under this licence until it expires, then you can renew under the new licence.

For holders of the three non-factory based manufacture licences, this means you now need to prepare a safety management system (SMS). All factory-based manufacturers are already required to do this. The SMS needs to be prepared within the 12 months from 26 June 2011, even if you currently hold one of the old licences that previously did not require an SMS.

The SMS describes how you manage the risks relating to explosives. The change recognises that this safety provision is also appropriate to explosives manufacturing occurring outside the factory context.

The requirements to hold a licence to manufacture and prepare a SMS does not apply to a:

  • firearms licence holder who is only manufacturing cartridge ammunition for his or her own use
  • holder of a licence to use blasting explosives that authorises the licensee to use ANFO provided the licensee makes no more than 50 kilograms of ANFO at a time for his or her own use
  • manufacturer using a mobile manufacturing unit if the worksite on which they are operating has its own SMS addressing the risks associated with the presence of explosives at the site.