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Selling and importing explosives

A single licence can authorise both the sale and import of explosives. However, licences can be obtained that authorise just sale or import.

Under the regulations, you can only sell explosives to a person who holds a licence authorising them to store, use, sell, transport or manufacture the same type of explosives that you are selling to them. You must not sell the explosives unless you are satisfied the customer will manage the explosives in accordance with the regulations. These requirements do not apply to the sale of:

  • distress signals in a consumer package, cartridge ammunition, consumer fireworks or industrial safety cartridges
  • propellant or primers to a person who holds a firearms licence.

You must also keep records of each purchase or supply of explosives. This requirement does not apply to cartridge ammunition, consumer fireworks, industrial safety cartridges, and distress signals in a consumer package.