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Transporting explosives

The regulations have a three-tiered system where:

  • large quantities of explosives must be transported by licensed vehicles and licensed drivers
  • certain quantities can be transported if you hold another licence under the regulations, such as a licence to use blasting explosives
  • small quantities can transported if you don't have a licence (for example, by firearm licence holders, users of distress signals, commercial carriers).

Under the regulations, every vehicle transporting explosives is required to be licensed – as opposed to the previous requirement of one fleet licence per company. This means that separate licences must be obtained for each vehicle. Existing licences for transport will continue until their expiry date. At that time, a new licence will need to be obtained for each vehicle.

The regulations continue to place restrictions and requirements on the transport of explosives through certain areas such as the Central Business District (CBD), designated tunnels and approach roads, and the Melbourne metropolitan area. These areas are defined through articles in the Government Gazette – this allows the Authority to make updates as road names and areas change.