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Forklifts are a major cause of serious injury in Victorian workplaces. They are powerful, heavy and inherently unstable pieces of equipment. They pose risks to both drivers and people walking in areas they are used in.

In recent years, VWA has run a number of campaigns in an effort to improve health and safety at workplaces with forklifts in use. Thankfully, fewer people are now being killed as a result of forklift incidents.

However, on average, about 250 people are still seriously injured by them every year in Victorian workplaces. And there are many more 'near misses'.

There are two important points to remember about forklifts:

  • Forklifts and people don't mix. A traffic management plan incorporating physical separation of forklifts and people is essential.
  • Falling loads are responsible for many deaths and injuries. Make sure all loads are secure before moving.

Forklifts – developing a traffic management plan will provide you with some basic information on how to separate forklifts from pedestrians.
Forklift safety – reducing the risks provides more in-depth guidance to help you increase your knowledge about safe forklift operation and how to reduce the risks.

And to help keep forklifts top of mind in your workplace, VWA has produced two new posters that you can print out and put up in your workplace.

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Your health and safety guide to Forklifts
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