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Incident Notification

Incident Notification:

Due to IT service maintenance, the reporting of a workplace incident using the Online Incident Notification Form will be unavailable on Saturday 2nd December from 7:00am to Sunday 3rd December 5:00pm. Alternatively, you can email a completed Incident Notification Form to WorkSafe apologises for any inconvenience caused.

WorkSafe's emphasis is on preventing incidents. WorkSafe has an important role in assessing incidents that have occurred and enforcing relevant legislation.

Employers, occupiers and people who are in control of workplaces and high risk equipment are required by law to notify WorkSafe about incidents involving workplace health and safety, dangerous goods as well as explosives. WorkSafe must be notified immediately by calling 132 360 and then in writing within 48 hours using one of the following forms:

This guide will help you to understand what incidents to report and how to report them.

Your health and safety guide to

Incident Notification

Your health and safety guide to Incident Notification
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Reporting an incident Your Legal Duties
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