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Explosives incidents

Incidents Involving Explosives and High Consequence Dangerous Goods

Employers and occupiers must report incidents involving explosives immediately to:

  • Victoria Police at 000
  • WorkSafe Victoria at 132 360

Incidents involving explosives that must be reported include:

  • all injuries
  • damage to property
  • fire that may be caused by an explosion
  • any theft, attempted theft or unexplained loss of High Consequence Dangerous Goods (HCDG)
  • any other security incident involving HCDG.

WorkSafe will call the employer or occupier the same day and advise the employer or occupier:

  • if an inspector will visit their site
  • whether the employer or occupier can disturb the incident scene.

Serious incidents will be assessed by a WorkSafe Inspector. For more information, refer to compliance and enforcement.