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Health and safety incidents

Employers, occupiers and persons in charge must report incidents to WorkSafe Victoria at 132 360. See Your legal duties for notification time frames.

Deaths and life-threatening injuries, like amputations, must be reported immediately.

Other serious incidents, such as those listed below, should be reported as soon as the employer is aware of the incident.

  • a person requires medical treatment:
    • after exposure to a substance
    • as an inpatient in hospital
    • for a serious injury such as an amputation, a head or eye injury, electric shock, spinal injuries or serious laceration.
  • incidents where employees or other persons are in the immediate vicinity of a risk such as:
    • registered or licensed plant that has collapsed, overturned, failed or malfunctioned
    • collapse of an excavation supporting an excavation
    • collapse of a building or structure
    • implosion, explosion or fire
    • incidents involving Dangerous Goods
    • plant or objects falling from high places
    • in relation to a mine:
      • overturning or collapse of any plant
      • inrush of water, mud or gas
      • interruption of the main system of ventilation.

 WorkSafe will call the employer or occupier the same day and advise the employer or occupier:

  • if an inspector will visit their site
  • whether the employer or occupier can disturb the incident scene.

Serious incidents will be assessed by a WorkSafe Inspector. For more information, refer to compliance and enforcement.