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Manual Handling

  • When is it a problem? When is it a problem?

    Many jobs involve some form of manual handling, but not all manual handling is hazardous or involves the risk of an injury, such as a Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD).

  • Identify the hazard Identify the risk

    Once you have identified hazardous manual handling the next step is to determine if that work is likely to cause an injury. A good way of doing this is to undertake a risk assessment.

  • Your role in preventing manual handling injuries Your role in preventing manual handling injuries

    Whether you are an employer, a worker or a health and safety representative (HSR), you have a role to play in identifying hazardous manual handling and controlling any associated risks of a MSD occurring in your workplace.

  • Solutions Solutions

    Learn more about how to eliminate, reduce and control the risk of a MSD from hazardous manual handling in your workplace, including specific risks and controls.

  • Laws & Guidance Laws & Guidance

    There are a number of resources you can use if you need more detailed information about identifying and controlling hazardous manual handling that has the risk of a MSD in your workplace.