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Your legal duties

New regulations for Occupational Health and Safety came into effect on 1 July 2007.

The OHS Regulations contain specific requirements for the control of noise that is above the exposure standard. These obligations are addressed in Chapter 3 (Part 3.2) of the regulations.

The regulations impose obligations on employers.

What's New?

The old regulations required employers to assess noise levels regardless of whether they were clearly in excess of nationally accepted exposure standards, or not.

Under the new regulations employers will only be required to measure noise levels where there is uncertainty about whether the exposure standard is being exceeded.

Employers also need to consider certain factors when selecting hearing protection devices. This includes the nature of the noise, noise levels in the workplace, the duration of noise exposure and systems of work at the workplace. This is to ensure that the protectors in use provide a suitable level of protection.

Visit the employer, employee and designers, manufacturers, suppliers sections of this guide for further details of duties relating to noise.

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